Finding Self Love as a Black Transgender Woman: What can self-love and self-led gender affirmation look like for transgender people? Much of the literature and thoughts on transgender people are rooted in the physicality of transgender people.But what about digging deeper—beyond physicality—to become your own best friend? Three transgender women thought leaders discuss their journeys on self-love, with a hope that viewers and audience members might find inspiration to awaken a self-love journey for themselves. Program was held in partnership with the Michelle Meow Show, The Commonwealth Club of California and aired in February 2020. 

Cultivating Black Trans Joy Retreat: Our surprisingly most well-known effort, our “Cultivating Black Trans Joy Retreat” is now an annualized self care, self-love, empowerment retreat led by and for Black transgender women. Attendees participate in a series of workshops on self love, self-acceptance, self esteem, and defining their personal aspirations to enrich their lives, facilitated by Black therapists and healers. 

Celebration of Sheroes:  A Celebration of Sheroes is an annual event in partnership with the Transgender District in San Francisco to celebrate everyday transgender women of color and our elders with an aim of empowerment in a festive format. 

State of Emergency: Violence Against Trans Women of Color: It was our vision to create a dialogue on the reality and complexity of violence against transgender women of color in the country’s most impacted areas of the USA by featuring Black transgender women thought leaders. The session featured Diamond Stylz, Toni Michelle Williams and Honey Mahogany. 

  The forum was executive produced by Kween Culture Initiative, and in partnership with The Michelle Meow Show and the famed Commonwealth Club of California. The session held a live audience of 150 people; and a live online streaming audience of over 2,000 people. The session was also aired on local television and radio networks across the San Francisco Bay Area including Kron4- CBS, KQED, and public broadcasting channels. The session was also the first Black transgender produced session in the Commonwealth Club of California’s 150 year history. 

Kween Culture X Sephora: Kween Culture Initiative partners with international luxury cosmetics retailer, Sephora, in expanding its “Classes for Confidence” series created to provide spaces for transgender people to learn techniques to boost self-confidence and self-esteem through cosmetics. Kween Culture X Sephora regularly produce private workshops and programming for the Classes for Confidence series. 

“Getting Off”: Post Op Girls Discussion: As part of a campaign to address the health inequity of transgender health and medicine, Kween Culture created peer-led forums for transgender women to discuss their experiences (positive and negative) in navigating gender affirming surgical procedures, navigating medical bureaucracy, and where they felt their morale and lifestyles were post-surgery. The sessions have  held over 200 transgender women from across the Bay Area and nationally (in-person and virtually), and created a fun, accessible dialogue and healing.