Your monetary support of our unique and innovative program helps us achieve our 5 goals! 

Goal #1: Expand our framework for self-care, self-acceptance, and nourishment programming for Black transgender women that is peer-led and peer-facilitated. 

Goal #2: Create spaces exclusively for Black transgender women to have raw, honest, uncomfortable conversations on our experiences living in a culture and a country where violence and disenfranchisement is ever-present for our reality. How do we shift it? How do we elevate our sisters who are struggling in ways that we aren’t? How do we thrive? What Does It Mean To Thrive as a Black Transgender Woman”? 

Goal #3: Expand our theme of sisterhood for Black transgender women. 

Goal #4: Create and facilitate think-tank strategy sessions for/by transgender women of color leaders across the country in which solutions for our experiences are organic and led by us.