Kween Culture Initiative

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Kween Culture Initiative

Kween Culture Initiative is a social empowerment project for and by Black Transgender women. Kween Culture aims to empower and celebrate the richness of Black transgender women through creating moments, spaces, and events for collective possibility and to create a framework that highlights our joy, our resilience, and our sisterhood in spite of disparities we face.

About the Project

“I would get on stages and panels and talk to different audiences about how hard it is to be a Black transgender woman and those narratives just really affected me. It was always a mental fight; who wants to own these narratives every day? So the purpose of Kween is to cultivate joy and memorable moments, sisterhood, and camaraderie. and shift our disempowerment toward celebrating resilience and our power in the world. I truly believe we are more powerful than our minds can digest and I wish the broader public could witness how multifaceted we are.”

– Aria Sa’id on the necessity of Kween Culture Initiative in interview with BITCH Magazine

Launched in the fall of 2017, Kween Culture Initiative was founded to disrupt the notions that we, as Black and Brown women of transgender experience- cannot thrive. Our vision is one of the Black transgender imagination, where we can indeed empower one another to thrive in a world that tells us we should not exist- and change individuals, communities, and the world. Our most noted program and agenda- “Cultivating Black Trans Joy” convenings have developed values, shared thought leadership through sisterhood, and created ideas towards our liberation that can be translated into a actionable outcomes for Black transgender women leaders to use in their own lives and with our most vulnerable communities in which we serve. 

About the Founder

Aria Sa'id

“There is a deep profundity in the culture of Black transgender women that I hope the world will one day acknowledge. Our disparity is real. But so is our joy. So is our resilience. So is our power. So is our beauty. And those attributes are what shape us and have influenced the world. We create language. We create the culture of beauty and ballroom that you witness today.”

– Aria Sa’id in Huffington Post’s “What Trans Women Want You to Know About Feminism and Equality”

Aria Sa’id is a transgender advocate and award winning political strategist based in San Francisco Bay Area. She is a founder and the Executive Director the Transgender District- the world’s first transgender district, celebrating the resilience, culture, and presence of transgender people in San Francisco’s famed Tenderloin neighborhood. She is the founder of Kween Culture Initiative- a social and cultural empowerment project for Black transgender women and in addition to promoting equity for transgender people, Ms. Sa’id has been influential in public policy for transgender people, intersex children and sex worker safety at the local and California state legislature. Ms. Sa’id is the youngest Black transgender woman to receive Resolution from the California state legislature, and was the first Black transgender woman appointed to a San Francisco government policy role. Ms. Sa’id and her efforts have been featured in Forbes, CNN, Huffington Post, NPR, Vice, Marie Claire, Out Magazine, Daily Mail UK, San Francisco Chronicle and more. In 2019, Ms. Sa’id was listed in #OUT100 and #Bitch50 which highlights the world’s most influential people.